Dr. Seth Oberst, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

With an emphasis on combining the latest research with skilled intuition, I use a personalized approach to help people heal from a wide-range of physical and stress-related issues. 

If you have a problem that has to do with your body – I can help you.


My Story

I have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Ohio University. ​I was originally trained in sports physical therapy through a residency program and obtained Board-Certification in Sports Physical Therapy. I’m also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

I currently practice in Atlanta, GA and work with ALL types of patients with a particular interest in chronic pain, trauma, and complex issues. I pride myself on having a wide-ranging body of knowledge to work with difficult cases. Basically, I work with people who are “stuck”.

I am avid reader and post the most influential books to my Essential Reading List. I also teach a seminar called Stress, Movement and Pain; for all available dates go here.


What Do I Do?

​I teach people how to regulate their bodily systems. To re-take control of their own function and become more self-aware. Humans are walking ecosystems and in order to function properly we must learn how to integrate the body and the mind, something often lost in modern-day culture.

When our systems become dysregulated due to stress, our perceptions of ourselves are altered and self-regulation is lost – we no longer feel in control of our behavioral responses. I work with people who are experiencing symptoms such as persistent pain, poor sleep, breathing dysfunction, craniofacial pain, fatigue, rigid movements, psychological and muscular tension, worry, poor decisions, insecurities, the list goes on and on… due in large part to a disconnect between body and mind. Many times this disconnect occurs because of trauma (whether emotional or physical).

My Approach

I work extensively with persons experiencing acute and chronic health conditions using a holistic, body-oriented model of care. I work with all kinds of people with a special emphasis on airway and respiratory dysfunction, headache/migraine, craniofacial pain, spinal disorders, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, functional GI disorders, and more.

I work closely with other holistic clinicians (dentists, speech pathologists, functional medicine practitioners, psychotherapists, etc.) to establish optimal care for my patients. Outside of my practice, I mentor fellow clinicians and clinician and teach courses nationally and internationally on numerous specialties helping people to regain health and vitality. 

Fun Facts

I grew up on a grazing dairy farm in Ohio called Wise Acres (great name, right!?).

I am an avid reader and list my favorite books here

I am a meditator, trail runner, fermented-foods maker, and weightlifter.

I am interested in hiking and nature photography. Want to see my amateur pictures? Follow me on Instagram.

    By integrating body and mind you can regain mastery of your own life. Learn how to discover new ways of moving, doing, and being.

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