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Frequently Asked

Who do you work with?
  • People who are suffering from chronic or persistent pain, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue
  • Orthopedic pain anywhere in the body, including headaches and TMJ dysfunction
  • People with a history of trauma (physical or emotional) – often in tandem with a psychologist/counselor
  • People who feel stiff or tight
  • Sensory processing disorders including visual and auditory and their impact on movement and balance
  • People with high work or life stress, anxiety and/or depression
Do you perform in-person consultations?

I work with clients at my practice, Holistic Physical Therapy LLC, in Atlanta, GA. You will see me, and only me, for at least 1 hour on every visit where we will perform a complete movement behavior assessment to determine a plan of treatment. 

Please feel free to contact my office by clicking the icon below for information on setting up an appointment. 

Do you offer video/phone consultations?

Virtual consults are available on a limited basis depending on client’s location, goals, and movements. Contact me via the links provided and we can discuss more.

What do you assess?

Using a comprehensive history and physical examination we will work to answer:

  1. How stressed is your system? Stress directly impacts the intensity of symptoms like pain and stiffness and critically affects the autonomic nervous system – the part of our nervous system that maintains balance between stimulation and relaxation. 
  2. How is stress and trauma affecting your perceptions?
  3. How are you perceiving the environment and yourself?
  4. What are your thoughts and beliefs about your body (self-image), your abilities (resilience), and your capacity for improvement?
  5. How well do you move in multiple different positions and postures?
  6. How much muscular tension and rigidity do you demonstrate?  
  7. How well do you breathe? 

The movement system is our action system — it is how we move ourselves thru the environment, protect ourselves from external dangers (fight or flight), and express our emotions and behaviors. Problems in any of the systems above can result in a change in movement and thus behavior – creating or perpetuating pain.

Can you learn to regulate yourself?

Yes, with proper teaching and learning, we discover new ways of moving, doing, and being. Learning to regulate oneself, to become aware, is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and each other.

My mission is to help you learn how to do exactly that.

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