Movement Meditations Level 1 Audio Course


Upon purchase, you’ll be able to download each audio session 5 times. We recommend downloading the course onto your computer first then transferring onto your mobile device for listening (if you want). That way you can listen to the course as many times as you like. This will enable you to avoid hitting the download limit.

This is typically an exclusive experience for my live course attendees but when you purchase this course you will receive:
4 guided, downloadable audio lessons to help you meditate through movement:
Lesson 1: Flexing the Spine (45 minutes)
Lesson 2: Orienting the Eyes and Head (49 minutes)
Lesson 3: Rolling the Pelvis (50 minutes)
Lesson 4: Rotating the Body (42 minutes)



What People Are Saying

“I love this series of movement meditations, I feel a change in myself each time I go through the series. Each audio adds to the one prior and builds skills that are translating to every day tasks. As an Occupational Therapist I have been recommending these to my clients to do at home (as soon as they are available) and have incorporated some of the exercises with breath in various therapy routines. I would highly recommend!”

Jeannie Cooper, OTR/CLT

“This course works. Period! Each module makes one want to keep going back to pick new ideas up on every session. The analogies used get the message across really well. The tone coach uses sets a very comfortable, relaxing and conscious mood to each session.”

Chezhiyan E.

“Dr. Oberst’s Movement Meditation course is a finely crafted exploration in awareness through movement, visualization, and relaxation. It provides the framework for improved mind-body connection utilizing mindful movement patterns and improved visceral attunement with oneself. It is a novel way of practicing mindfulness, and has become a staple in my personal practice. I have seen a tremendous decrease in my stress and anxiety levels, which had reached a lifetime high. My productivity, sleep quality, and energy levels have all increased and I believe it is a must for those who continue to strive for better personal health. I recommend the Movement Meditation courses to family, friends, and my athletes.”

Cade Jones, MS CSCS