How much do you know about breathing? You know we cannot survive without oxygen but is that all breathing is good for? We practice it 20,000 times a day yet we often pay it very little attention.
​The fact is, though, that breathing has a profound influence on not only how we move, but also how we perceive and handle stress. If you missed my recent live webinar, “Just Breathe”, in which I talk about all of these topics, read on to learn how you can still access this course and understand the basics of breathing.

Just Breathe

This past Tuesday I taught a 90-minute live webinar on how to use the basics of breathing in rehabilitation. I am really happy with how it turned out — we had over 50 attendees with some excellent questions and positive feedback.

If you are reading this and already took the course I want to sincerely thank you and I’m glad so many of you found it practical and helpful.

But if you missed the live course, you are still in luck as it has been recorded and is available on-demand. ​

More Details: 
In the course I discuss:

  • how stress affects breathing
  • how we learn to breathe a certain way under stress that gets us stuck
  • the connection between breathing and movement
  • some practical ways to improve breathing as a method to change behavior.

Who the Course is For:
While the course is entitled “Just Breathe: How to Successfully Use the Basics of Breathing in Rehabilitation”, I really attempted to bridge the gap here and present it in a way that is practical and tangible for anyone looking to improve how they breathe.
​We had coaches, yoga instructors, and clinicians take the course live.

So if you breathe, this course is for you. 

Get Credit for the Course:
If you are a clinician (PT, OT, ATC) you will receive 1.5 CEUs for the course.
That’s legit for less than $40!

I am happy to answer any questions to see if the course is right for you and will certainly help out with specific questions on the material once you take the course.
Hit me up at [email protected]

– Seth

P.S. Look for some new articles and content coming soon!

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