I think it’s time to change the way rehabilitation is delivered. People who are chronically stressed and in pain aren’t suffering from a diagnosis of “not enough aspirin” or “not enough flexibility”. They are fundamentally threatened and insecure in their own bodies which manifests in physical symptoms.  
​No longer should rehab professionals hand out exercises that are unable to address the patient’s true issues: how they perceive themselves and the world around them. The way we move and behave is simultaneous action and perception. 

This requires an updated paradigm about how we look at rehabilitation for all the stressed, painful, and rigid people in the world. 

So I’m gonna teach a 2-day course on the fundamentals of working with stress, movement, and pain for rehab professionals* (coaches and highly interested non-healthcare folks can come too). 

We’ll talk about:
– How the nervous, immune, psychological, and motor systems impact and are impacted by stress. 

– How to deduce these underlying patterns of stress and autonomic dysfunction in people from a movement perspective and with more context than just cookbook junk.

– How to reduce threat and increase resilience in clients from a more complete point of view: spanning from nonverbal and verbal language, touch and sensation, movement (the focus), fitness, and lifestyle. 

Case examples/studies abound and practical application will be the emphasis. 

We aren’t reinventing the wheel here but we are really drilling down to the principles that I believe, and evidence is supporting, are fundamental to restoring health and goodness in people’s lives. 

I will be writing more and more on this in 2018, making it practical for rehab pros and non-healthcare folks alike. This is about making true change. 

Learn more about the course objectives, dates, and locations at the button below. And if you want 50% (!) off the course, use code JAN2018 at checkout by Wednesday January 24, 2018

50% off a course like this is an incredible deal, so check it out at the link above. But hurry because the deal goes away on Wed. Jan. 24.  

– Seth

**PS if you are a follower of mine who isn’t a rehab professional but wants to learn how to implement these techniques in your own life, stay with me. That is coming.

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