I get a high volume of questions regarding my recommendations on reading material. Like many of my colleagues and mentors, I’m a vociferous reader and love the feeling that comes from engaging in material from the minds of brilliant authors and curators. In order to save time and make it a bit more public, I have finally made a Recommended Readings page for this here website, which I’m pretty excited about.

Here’s the deal: I will post books into several categories. There’s a few on there now and I will continue to load them up as I get thru them (or remember great ones I’ve read in the past). The goal is to offer a consistently updated reference list of books I have found useful for clinical and personal growth. I always ask those that I admire what they’re reading so why not make a list of what I’m reading for those that share my interests? I will not list anything I have not read or wouldn’t recommend as beneficial/informative. 

If you click the image of the book, it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book. Full disclosure I get a small return (like super small – and at no added cost to the purchase price) on books purchased thru the link on this website.

Hopefully you find something informative from these great authors as I have and keep checking back for updates as I read on.


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