This post marks the 2-Year Anniversary of and we’ve seen continued and considerable growth over the past year. In light of this, I wanted to reflect on where we’ve been and where it’s going.

Over the past year, we have:

Here are the Top 5 Most-Viewed Posts of the Last Year:

  1. The Short-Foot Position and Neuromuscular Readiness
  2. Hyperinflation and the Stressed-Out System: Why It’s Important to Get Air Out
  3. Addressing High-Tension Movement Strategies
  4. Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast
  5. Neuroception and the Hierarchy of Needs

If you haven’t noticed, my writings have shifted a bit towards the more complex with an emphasis on the application of neuroscience because, frankly, I wanted to create content that I wanted to read and something that I feel coaches and clinicians need more of. The articles published on this site over the past year reflect that and I hope you, my readers, have gotten as much out of reading the content on this site as I’ve gotten in writing it. 

Look for more of this kind of content in the coming year as we explore the mind-body connection in human function and performance because the duality and silos that have pervaded medicine and science are just missing the boat in my opinion. 

I wrote this a year ago and feel it still rings true now:

Anything looked upon in total isolation without regard for the system is unlikely to have meaningful nor lasting benefit

Thanks to all the readers of, and contributors to, the second year of – I continue to be astounded at the positive response and hope I don’t screw it up!

– Seth

P.S. keep up the feedback: the more feedback, comments, (or insults) I get the better this site becomes. Topics you want me to cover or have questions on? Hit me up – I am always driven by the question.

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