The year 2014 has seen a lot of growth at this here website (what’s up, 114 countries) so I wanted to share the top posts based on website traffic. 

Top 5 Articles

1. Using Grip Training to Hack the Nervous System and Improve Strength and Stability
The hands have such a major cortical representation it would make sense to target them with our training to optimize neuromuscular competency and capacity.

2. The Short Foot Position and Neuromuscular Readiness
The ability to maintain a stable foot position is a strong indicator for readiness for load due to the feedforward relationship between the feet and the pelvis.

3. Movement Baseline Series: The Hip Hinge and Optimal Jaw & Head Position
Mastering the basics of movement, including the foundational ability to load the hips and the competency to maintain jaw and tongue position is crucial for resilient and efficient movement.

4. Hyperinflation and the Stressed-Out System: Why It’s Important to Get Air Out
Noticing a theme with the neuro-centric articles being most popular? A rigid, threatened system brought on, in part, by overbreathing is a fragile and inefficient one at best.

5. How to Get the Most Out of Coaching Cues: Use an External Focus to Increase Performance
Focusing the athlete on external cues produces marked improvements in movement performance and accuracy – it’s on oft-missed art of coaching

Top 5 Guest Posts

1. How to Develop and Progress the Power Clean and the Snatch by Keith Scruggs, CSCS
Great work here by my friend Keith, a PhD candidate, on a tier-based approach to improving explosiveness in the Oly lifts.

2. Thoughts on Motor Control, Dry Needling, and Some Advice From My Interview with Seth Oberst, DPT, CSCS from
I really enjoyed my interview with CinemaSays and what great company to be in as he has interviewed some true leaders in our profession.

3. 3 Ways the Aussies Use Physical Therapists the Right Way by Dr. Danny Matta
Dr. Matta spent some time teaching the MobilityWod seminars in Australia and brought back an interesting take on the value of physio and how we’re dropping the ball here in the States.

4. Save Your Spine by Learning How to Assess and Correct Deadlift Patterns by Dr. Dan Pope
An excellent systematic approach from Dr. Pope on addressing the deadlift pattern which is fundamental to function and performance.

5. DPTs after the Leading Indicators by Jeff Ford
I was fortunate to chat with Coach Ford and his group at Conviction Training Facility in Hilton Head, SC and his piece on integration within physio and S&C was a great one. 

Thanks to all the readers of, and contributors to, in 2014! 
Look for more advanced topics and musings in 2015 including more topics on how to better involve/evolve the nervous system as well as more excellent guest posters all in an effort to improve resiliency, efficiency, and adaptability in sport and function.


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