How much do you know about pain? We know pain is an unpleasant experience often associated with injury and something that most of us try to avoid. But did you know that pain is generated by the brain 100% of the time? Or that pain is not an accurate measure of the health and status of our tissues and joints? This knowledge fundamentally dictates how we reduce and eliminate pain. Read on to hear about my new webinar, The Fundamentals of Understanding and Healing Pain, and what you can do to learn more.
Pain is a fascinating topic for me because it is a window into how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. But most people in the West, including many healthcare providers, lack a fundamental understanding of what pain is and how to effectively eradicate it.

So I decided to put together an introductory webinar on what pain is and what you can start to do about it.

In this 90-minute webinar you will learn:

  • How the brain generates pain in response to perceptions rather than reality
  • How changes in the body systems can allow pain to persist
  • How you can change you and your clients’ perceptions and reduce or eliminate pain while improving movement effectiveness

​Look, understanding pain and perception is not a box to be checked while working with people in pain. The principles established in this course are foundational to how we function and interact with all people.

Who is the Course is for?
While the course is directed at those who work with people in pain and does get somewhat technical at times, I really attempt to present it in a way that is practical and tangible for anyone looking to understand pain, perceptions, and ultimately themselves.

When is the Course?

The webinar goes live Tuesday, December 6 at 8pm Eastern

However, if you are unable to attend the live course, fear not! For it will be available shortly thereafter in an on-demand format that you can view at any time, you will be provided the slides, AND you will still get course credit! 

In other words, even if you know you cannot attend you can still sign up and learn at your convenience. 

How Much Does It Cost?
The course is priced at $39 which is excellent for a 90-minute course with a Q&A session with yours truly.
But sign up before December 3rd and you’ll receive 20% off the price of the course! 

Get Credit for the Course:
If you are a clinician (PT, OT, ATC) you will receive 1.5 CEUs for the course. 
That’s a legit value for less than $40!

Thank you for taking the time to improve yourself and your work with other people.
​If you have any questions regarding what this course will cover and whether or not you should take it feel free to contact me.
– Seth 
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