I’m on a guest post kick right now and I wanted to feature this piece from Dr. Dan Pope of FitnessPainFree.com as I’ve seen several athletes recently struggle with their front rack position causing a lot of dysfunction (think symptoms of subacromial impingement). Starting from a poor front-rack position makes it really difficult (impossible?) to finish in a strong position thereby effecting not only output from one rep but also subsequent reps in a serial movement (think thrusters, push-press). Dan’s corrections here are spot-on. And don’t forget midline control of the spine is an absolute necessity when going overhead
Have trouble in the front rack?  Difficulty keeping your elbows up during a front squat?  Can’t grip the bar during a thruster without wrecking your wrists?  Can’t get the bar in the right position for jerks?  Assess your front rack:

How’d you do?  Did you have some trouble?  Try some of these:

Thanks to Dan for the great content as always, for more check out his 

Back with more original content for my diehards soon…
– Seth

Be sure to check out my interview with CinemaSays in my previous post – lots of good stuff in there. 
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