The first post here at went up on July 10, 2013 to zero fanfare (including from me). Fortunately, this site has grown tremendously in the year since so I wanted to reflect on where it stands and where it’s going.

Since the first post, First Post + Primer for Looking at Athletic Movements we have:

Here are the Top 5 most-viewed posts from this year:

  1. Improving Breathing and Performance (Part 1): Why Mouth Breathing Ruins Head-Neck Control
  2. Athletes Don’t Use Ellipticals
  3. Using Grip Training to Hack the Nervous System and Improve Strength and Stability
  4. Guest Post: An Athlete’s Open Letter on Pain and Recovery
  5. How to Get the Most Out of Coaching Cues: Use an External Focus to Increase Performance

In this next year plan on a continued focus on improving adaptability and efficiency, often by tapping in to the neuromuscular system. The goal is to bridge disparate fields and think about movement and performance the way it should be – as a system of systems. Anything looked upon in total isolation without regard for the system is unlikely to have meaningful nor lasting benefit. Even the highest-level movement and performance systems should be scalable to everyday life because that’s where it really matters, even for the best athletes. 

Better information yields more informed decisions because gone are the days where it is okay to be a passive observer in your own life.

Thanks to all the readers of, and contributors to, over the course of this first year, certainly never thought that more than like 3 people would be interested in what I had to say!

– Seth

Look forward to more guest writers and maybe even an e-book this year. And keep up the feedback: the more feedback, comments, or insults I get the better this site becomes. Show me a better way and I’m all in.

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